The Boy Who Escaped From The Wolf

Bob can feel the sweat running down his face, he can hear the wolf thumping on the ground behind him. Ahead of him, he sees a large tree that he scrambles up. Bob is feeling as anxious as a person who is getting ready to go down a steep waterslide. “Is the wolf going to go away now?” he asks himself. Unfortunately, the wolf sits on the ground, waiting patiently for Bob to fall into his mouth. Leaves suddenly rustle near the wolf and twigs snap. A deer! As Bob loses his grip, the wolf sprints away towards the deer.

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  1. What an exciting story, Will. It is full of excellent description. I particularly like the first sentence where you describe the sweat running down Bob’s face and the wolf thumping on the ground behind him. I also like the way you compare Bob’s anxiety to someone getting ready to go down a waterslide. This really beings how Bob is feeling alive for your reader. What an excellent ending, too. Full of tension and then relief.

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