jurassic park

Hi can l check your passport he asked as tom hops on the plane to Canada. in seven hours he arrived.  Instantly, he gets started macking a dinosaur park he get a science lab and hachre and a padauk  he hatches a braceosors egg ok it has long lims atach to it bode and neck now he hachs a vlosarapter it is very dedly  and sneaky  now he designs an aviary a terdaktil which is a terrifying rooler of the sky they have log bons to hold its wings like rods  he opens the park over five thousand people come.

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  1. dear will,
    I really enjoyed this because it includes animals.
    I give you 4 stars, you may need to work on some spelling but its good enough that I can understand it.
    I hope you keep writing in the future, a strategy to use is ask people how to spell something if your not sure how to spell something.
    Kind regards, Gracie.

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